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The Parking Lot’s not an Exciting Part of your Business, but it’s one of the Most Important.

Arizona Paving & Maintenance takes care of your parking lot essentials, as well as your surrounding curbs, sidewalks, driveways and other concrete or asphalt surfaces your may need. Our attention to value means we are able to pass along our lower overhead costs as savings to you.

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We’ve been tending to the needs of commercial enterprises in Arizona since 1999.

Whether your Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces Require a Minor Refurbishment or a Major Overhaul, Arizona Paving and Maintenance is the Full-Service Pavement Specialist that can Perform the Job You Need!

Concrete Work

The installation of new or replacement of existing concrete...

Concrete Work

Parking Lot Paving

Parking lot repairs and overlays as well as new paving projects.

Paving Services

Seal Coating

Sweeping, crack sealing, and ongoing maintenance.

Seal Coating


New layouts, restriping or creating a custom layout.

Striping Services

Asphalt Repair

Sawcutting, demolition, repaving, or patching.

Asphalt Repair

A Word From The Owner

“We aim for responsiveness, integrity and reputation. That’s exactly what we've succeeded in achieving at Arizona Paving and Maintenance.”

- Matt Dickerson, Owner

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