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Drainage Improvements...

Part Of Our Pavement and Maintenance Services.

The most important thing you can do when you notice even the slightest drainage issue with your parking lot is to contact Arizona Paving & Maintenance.

What may start as a moderate drainage problem can rapidly escalate during a significant water runoff event, such as the flash-flood-type events for which Arizona is known. Severe and costly repairs can be the end result, with pavement that fails completely and brings cascading consequences.

Drainage Improvements

Our drainage improvement services include installing new or repairing existing drywells, retention grading, and underground retention tanks. Drywell repair consists of cleaning out and removing sand and debris accumulated in the collection chamber. We can also replace drywell components such as the debris screen, petroleum absorption pillow, or even damaged concrete chamber sections.

Retention grading involves the grading of the existing retention area and removal of excess sediment fill. Our underground retention tank installation services include the installation of a large-diameter steel drainage pipe that collects water runoff and allows it to slowly percolate into the ground. Don’t let the next heavy rainfall result in your next costly parking lot repair.

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