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Whether Your Concrete & Asphalt Surfaces Require A Minor Refurbishment Or A Major Overhaul...

Arizona Paving Is The Full-Service Pavement Sprcialist That Can Perform The Job You Need!

Arizona Paving & Maintenance is a Full-Service Pavement Specialist.

Our List of Options Will Easily Show You Why.

Parking Lot Paving

Parking lot repairs and overlays as well as new paving projects. We can also pulverize and regrade your existing parking lot.
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Seal Coating

Sweeping, crack sealing, and ongoing maintenance with the recognized industry leading products from Seal Master.
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New layouts, restriping or creating a custom layout to suit your business’s specific needs. Fire lane striping and signs, handicap signs, or custom signs are part of our services, as are the installation and repair of concrete wheel stop barriers.
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Asphalt Repair

Sawcutting, demolition, repaving, or patching an existing surface. Correcting drainage problems in your pavement areas also makes the list.
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New construction of parking lots, building pads, retentions, as well as the pulverization and regrading of an existing lot.
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Drainage Improvements

New or repair to existing drywells, retention grading, and underground retention tank installation.
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ADA Compliance

Repair or install new concrete ramps that meet compliance standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act. We provide and install handicap signs, stripe new parking lot layouts, or just modify an existing layout.
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Concrete Work

The installation of new or replacement of existing concrete curbing, sidewalks, ramps, driveways, or trash enclosures.
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