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Grading and Earthwork...

Part Of Our Pavement and Maintenance Services.

Asphalt pavement is only as strong as the base it’s built upon, and Arizona Paving & Maintenance is here to ensure you have a strong, durable and properly prepared base.

The cost of correctly preparing the base with adequate quantities of materials and expert placement is miniscule compared to the high cost of repaving or maintaining a lot with poor or inadequate base preparation.

Grading and Earthwork

Our grading and earthwork services include new construction of parking lots, building pads, and retentions, as well as the pulverization and regrading of an existing lot. Building pads refer to the grading and compaction of the soils under the concrete foundation of a building. Retentions are dirt areas that have been dug out to provide runoff water a place to collect off the pavement and percolate into the ground.

Pulverizing and regrading results in a brand new lot designed with a contoured base that provides adequate runoff drainage. In addition to being the most thorough approach to fixing pavement issues, the pulverizing and regrading process is also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option that doesn’t require the hauling away of old pavement to landfills.

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