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Concrete Work...

Part Of Our Pavement and Maintenance Services.

Concrete curbing, sidewalks, ramps, driveways, and trash enclosures can be essential elements in parking lots.

Not only do they ensure customers enjoy safe, easy passage from one area to another, but they play a role in your own business traffic.

Concrete Work

Concrete work that’s properly installed and maintained likewise provides a clean and tidy business site with attractive aesthetics for both customers and employees.

If your concrete work needs some work, contact Arizona Paving & Maintenance. Our concrete services include the installation of new or replacement of existing concrete elements throughout the lot, whether you need curbing, sidewalks, ramps, driveways, block walled trash dumpster enclosures, or a combination of any of the above.

When designed adequately for the anticipated type of traffic and correctly built and installed, concrete can last for decades. Concrete elements that lack proper design, build or installation can instead result in a crumbling mess, providing multiple trip hazards as well as an overall unpleasant and unsafe environment.

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