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Asphalt Repair...

Part Of Our Pavement and Maintenance Services.

Every business is judged by is appearance, and you’re likely to be judged harshly if your appearance includes fractured pavement and a deteriorating parking lot.

Arizona Paving & Maintenance asphalt repair services include saw-cutting, demolition, repaving, patching, and correcting drainage problems in your existing pavement areas.

Asphalt Repair

Saw-cutting involves the use of diamond-studded, circular blades mounted on motorized pavement cutting machines to remove specific areas of pavement. Demolition consists of the breaking, crushing and removal of existing concrete or asphalt pavements. Repaving places new asphalt or concrete atop a fine-graded and compacted subgrade base.

Patching is ideal for areas limited to surface deterioration. It includes applying bonding tack oil to the existing surface, placing hot asphalt into level square or rectangular patterns, and then rolling the new asphalt flat. Drainage problems that are limited to isolated areas can often be corrected by cutting out the existing pavement, grading for improved runoff flow, and repaving the same area with hot asphalt.

Fractured pavement doesn’t hold up for long, and the fractured area can expand quickly and exponentially if not addressed with asphalt repair services. New asphalt repaving provides a brand new business appearance while simultaneously addressing numerous pavement problems. Our skilled sales technicians boast years or even decades of experience, and we can advise on the best approach to correcting and maintaining your pavement issues.

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