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Parking Lot Paving...

Part Of Our Pavement and Maintenance Services.

When your parking lot needs a fix, Arizona Paving & Maintenance can guide you in the direction of the precise fix you need.

In addition to new paving projects, we offer parking lot repairs, overlays, and the option of pulverizing and regrading your existing lot.

Parking Lot Paving

Our sales technicians come armed with years of experience and are primed to work with you to find a solution that fixes your lot and suits your budget. Parking lot repairs are a thorough yet cost-effective management of isolated or limited failed pavement areas. The work involves cutting around the severely cracking and failing areas, removing the existing asphalt, and repaving with new, hot asphalt.

Overlays involve preparing the existing pavement surface and applying bonding tack oil, which we then cover with 1.5 to 2 inches of hot asphalt using a paving machine. The end result is a lot that looks brand new without the hassle and high cost of pavement replacement.

Pulverizing and regrading comes to the rescue for parking lots riddled with multiple severe cracks or prone to standing water after a rain. This most thorough approach allows the existing pavement to be contoured with an improved runoff drainage design. While you still enjoy a new parking lot, the environmentally friendly option avoids the high cost of hauling away old pavement to landfills.

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