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Seal Coating...

Part Of Our Pavement and Maintenance Services.

Your parking lot is often the first thing customers see when they arrive at your business, and a shoddy parking lot can result in an equally shoddy business image.

Arizona Paving & Maintenance offers sweeping, crack sealing and ongoing maintenance designed to preserve your lot – and your image.

Seal Coating

Pavement maintenance costs can be reasonably planned for and absorbed into normal budgeting on an ongoing basis, unlike the large capital expenditures required to rehab all or large portions of neglected pavement.

Sweeping removes the dirt, sand and grit from the pavement surface, providing a clean appearance and improved visibility of pavement markings. Crack sealing involves applying hot rubberized crack sealant to cracks to restore the pavement’s integrity. It also removes tripping hazards while preventing surface water from penetrating into or through the asphalt to cause additional critical damage.

Our ongoing maintenance consists of applying crack-seal and sealcoat materials from the industry leading Seal Master. Seal Master is the world’s largest supplier of asphalt maintenance products, with products that are not only cost-effective but regionally modified to suit Arizona’s extreme heat. Ongoing maintenance services are recommended every three years, and the option provides a huge cost savings when compared to the premature need to repave.

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